Capitalize on Interior Designer's Access to Leading Trends

One of the advantages of hiring a professional when designing an interior space is to capitalize on their access to industry leading trends. A new home or remodel is a substantial investment and striking a balance between current style and timeless beauty is a key component in ensuring your project retains its value. Recently Hixon […]

Revitalizing Your Mid-Century Kitchen

Combining an open floor-plan with clean lines and natural light creates a space that truly accentuates the beauty of simplicity in architectural design, and it is this stunning “less is more” design trifecta that attracts so many to the mid-century modern home.  But, unfortunately, with the good comes the bad and in this situation the […]

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When couples decide to move in together, there’s often more to the decision than romance and a desire to cohabitate with a loved one. Living together is an opportunity to pool resources and share expenses, an opportunity to ease the cost of living. Decorating and creating a unique decor can take a budget-friendly approach. Here’s […]

How to Blend Styles the Right Way

So, it finally happened, you were casually sitting in your living room one day, sipping on a cup of tea, and while admiring your décor you suddenly flashed back to a summer trip at Grandma’s house.  An epiphany occurs and you ask yourself, when did my decorating style start to mimic that of my grandmother’s?  Do not panic, there is a solution to your […]

The Wonderful World of Wallpaper

It’s back!  That time of year where everything returns to life; welcome to spring.  This season of all things new isn’t just for the blooming flowers and chirping birds, it is also the perfect time of year to consider adding something fresh and fun to your homes décor.  Yes, there is paint, upholstery and maybe […]

Understanding Your Countertops

Whether you’re trying to increase the value of your home or you’re just looking to give it a more modern look, remodeling your kitchen will help you achieve your goal.  And although there are many factors to consider in this room (appliances, cabinets etc.), I am going to focus on the countertops.  Even more specifically, […]

Why Color Matters

  Have you ever walked into a room, and surprise!  Your anxiety turns into calm, or your anger into cheer?  Why your mood can quickly switch just by changing your environment may simply be because the colors you are now suddenly surrounded by are different. Recently we visited the Denver Design District to listen to […]