Make your Laundry Room a Happy Place

When asked, homeowners don’t usually think of the laundry room as a place they want to spend any more time then they have to. But, Sarah Bashore, owner of Hixon Interiors designs many a laundry room that clients like to show off and want to spend time in.

This laundry room was completed recently. It includes cabinetry that matches the adjacent kitchen, as can be seen on the ‘Interiors’ page under Abbey Road. The homeowner had wanted the space to be bright and cheery. That was accomplished with bright white cabinets and a quartz countertop. Sarah used an elongated rectangle that brings in that bit of cool, blue. To keep things soft and not too bright, the floor is a natural colored porcelain tile.

Hanging Area

This room serves the family well as entry from the garage as well as where everyone does their laundry. But, in addition to that, a microwave drawer is included below the countertop for an added use in this multi-functional space. These cabinets also add bonus storage for mops, sweepers and cleaning tools.

Don’t think of your laundry space as that utilitarian space relegated to a dark corner any more. Bring it into the light! Use open shelves for laundry hampers. Baskets are great for storage as well as adding that extra bit of texture. Generally, a smaller room, owners don’t have to spend a lot of money for big impact. This charming wallpaper by Rifle Paper Co., really finishes off that cheery feel the homeowner wants.

Do yourself a favor and rethink how you can freshen up your mud room or laundry area. The work horses of a home.

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