Manufacturer Visit

MTI Baths provided designer, Sarah Bashore a personal tour of their factory in Sugar Hill, Georgia

My local plumbing supplier, Hughes Supply invited a small group of interior designers from Fort Collins to visit MTI Baths manufacturing plant near Atlanta, Georgia. We were able to personally experience the different tub shapes and the various features they offer. My favorite was the ‘stream bath’ feature. The water gently moves, like you’re in a stream. I also experienced their air bath feature and microbubbles plus audio, thermal, aroma and chroma therapies.

During our tour of the manufacturing plant, we were shown how the acrylic tubs are formed with heat and the mineral composite tubs are poured from natural minerals mined locally in Georgia from a large natural granite and marble resource, bound together by a high-grade casting resin. The mineral composite tubs have the ability to be repaired if scratched. They also naturally maintain the heat of the water better than cast iron or acrylic tubs.

In addition to amazing bath tubs, MTI Baths also makes shower pans that feature teak wood and countertops or full vanities with integral sink options. Not only are MTI’s products aesthetically pleasing, but also a delight to the touch. I enjoyed the feel of the teak shower pan on my feet.

After meeting the employees of MTI Baths and seeing the care put into every single item manufactured by their amazing team, I am very proud to be specifying this wonderful USA made product to my clients.

Thank you MTI Baths!

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