KBIS 2023

Kitchen & Bath Show, Las Vegas : One of the main takeaways that I saw for moving forward was COLOR! Not only in plumbing fixtures, but tiles, flooring, appliances and more. Gone are the cold grays of recent years, and ‘hello’ to vibrant color.

Some of my favorite items were shown by Ruvati. In particular, their workstation sinks have it all! Chop boards, draining racks, colander, mixing bowls. If you’re short on counterspace, these options are a big help.

If bold colors aren’t your jam, then how about some metal finishes?

I saw mixed metals being used in many ways, from kitchens to bathrooms, there is something for everyone. Kraus featured some beautiful black stainless steel faucets, a twist on the trend of matte black finishes.

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