Design Look Book

Mid-Century Remodel

One of the many popular design styles today is mid-century modern. As you probably guessed, midcentury modern style originated during the middle of the 20th century and embodied the needs and wants of the population of that time. Midcentury modern design is rooted in functionality, clean lines, and simplicity, which reflected the world at that time. Homes were more linear, focused on maintaining a nuclear family unit and as such, the furniture design echoed this environment. Midcentury modern design, reimagined for today tends to be unashamedly retro and often makes use of bright accent color to emphasize this point. 

When considering a MCM design for your remodel, highlight natural wood tones in flooring, furniture, and trim. Go bold with an accent color. If you’re afraid of color or think you’ll want some flexibility, put the color on pillows, small accessories, lamp shades, or area rugs. These items are easy to change.

Texture is an important element as this design look book shows. That texture can come from 3D tile elements in the backsplash or furniture with natural materials such as rope or cane.

Finally, you’ll want to strike the right balance when it comes to incorporating MCM pieces into your space. You want your home to feel modern, not like a museum of the 1960s. An Eames chair or a glass topped table with chrome legs can contrast nicely against a more textural rug, industrial-style cabinet, or transitional couch. Additionally, don’t forget function. Your home certainly shouldn’t resemble a museum, but it also shouldn’t act as one!

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