Revitalizing Your Mid-Century Kitchen

Combining an open floor-plan with clean lines and natural light creates a space that truly accentuates the beauty of simplicity in architectural design, and it is this stunning “less is more” design trifecta that attracts so many to the mid-century modern home.  But, unfortunately, with the good comes the bad and in this situation the bad is usually the outdated functionality of the kitchen that goes along with the purchase of any older home sans updating.  So, the dilemma presented is this: how do you hold onto the integrity of the original mid-century kitchen design that you oh so love while creating function that works for your modern-day lifestyle?

During the pre-war era of home development the kitchen was commonly constructed as a smaller and more sectioned off space, but in the 1950’s the concept of the open floor-plan developed and it is this layout that has become the standard for many in our modern day world.  This of course helps when remodeling a mid-century kitchen because the size and layout usually aren’t in need of restructuring.   So, that really leaves us with just two major differences between the kitchens of today and the kitchens of the mid-century yesteryear:  1) materials commonly used ie. Formica vs. Quartz and 2) the huge advancement in all things technology.  Here is what we did when our client came to us recently with her mid-century modern kitchen update predicament.

What We Needed To Update:  Our client inherited the “light blue laminate countertops placed on top of the slightly golden cabinets” design that was ever so popular during this time, and although there is much worse out there, this was a look we knew we needed to update.  Additionally, the appliances were in much need of being replaced with more technologically relevant ones.  We did however like the layout so we decided to hold onto this original footprint for her remodel.

What We Wanted to Do:  We of course wanted to use the best and most durable materials our modern world had to offer, and we also wanted to create a modern, but timeless look that wouldn’t date itself too soon.

The Final Look:  First off, we replaced the outdated appliances with top of the line, stainless steel ones which added so much to the overall look of the space.  Secondly, we chose a very sleek white and bright quartz countertop to create a beautifully modern look, but we made sure to stay away from very obvious trends (think gray on gray on gray) to ensure that our design stayed current for years to come.  We also replaced the cabinets with a very classic and contemporary style and darkened the stain just enough to create an eye-catching contrast between the darker cabinets and the lighter countertops.  Some old needed to stay though, so we decided to keep the very retro and amazing accordion pantry door to add that perfect amount of original charm to this beautifully updated kitchen.

So, if you are in need of updating your outdated kitchen and aren’t sure about what it is you should do, we are here to help!  Give us a call and we will make sure to design for you the kitchen you have always dreamed of.