How to Push the Creative Envelope with Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas

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When couples decide to move in together, there’s often more to the decision than romance and a desire to cohabitate with a loved one. Living together is an opportunity to pool resources and share expenses, an opportunity to ease the cost of living. Decorating and creating a unique decor can take a budget-friendly approach. Here’s how to draw on your creative impulses without breaking the bank:

Multi-tasking decor

Many people believe there’s a singular beauty and artistry to making an efficient use of space. Try stacking a couple of small modular storage units between chairs or in front of a loveseat to create a conversation area using a piece that has a surface for lighting and decorative knick-knacks. The cubbies provide great opportunities to incorporate some uniquely creative elements, like miniature still lifes, decorative figurines, or vintage books. Keep in mind that living together also means combining two people’s things, so there will come a point when you might run out of room. If the two of you have things you can’t bear to part with, consider going in together on a self-storage unit.

Get artsy

Decorative plates also make appealing design elements when arranged in a pattern featuring multiple sizes and colors. Vary different textures and hues with the most visually-arresting piece in the center, or try framing your arrangement to create a 3D wall hanging. If your plates aren’t very visually interesting, check out the local consignment stores and Goodwill outlets for plates that will make unique additions to your collection.

Warming wicker

Wicker is a great choice if you’re looking for inexpensive furniture that has a light, airy feel to it. It’s a nice change of pace since wicker furniture is frequently used outdoors on the patio or deck. Toss in a couple of attractive throw pillows, and you’ve got an inviting indoor/outdoor arrangement right in your living room or den.

It’s amazing how much you can do to dress up your living environment with inexpensive and unique design elements. They can be unusual individual accents or commonplace items used in unusual ways. Sometimes, just pushing your creative bounds to the limit is part of the fun.


– Natalie Jones


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