How to Blend Styles the Right Way

So, it finally happened, you were casually sitting in your living room one day, sipping on a cup of tea, and while admiring your décor you suddenly flashed back to a summer trip at Grandma’s house.  An epiphany occurs and you ask yourself, when did my decorating style start to mimic that of my grandmother’s?  Do not panic, there is a solution to your interior design dilemma and it is as simple as adding a few modern pieces to your overly traditional home.

With most everything in life, too much of one thing can overwhelm the senses and take away from the positive qualities you are ultimately trying to achieve.  Let’s use something we can all relate to as an example; food.  Remember the last time you ordered a meal and the sodium levels were off the charts?  Not a pleasant experience was it.  A meal that works is one where the ingredients being used blend well together, creating a wonderful flavor experience.  This same idea can be applied to interior design.  An overly traditional home can lean towards a kitschy look, whereas an overly modern home can seem a bit cold.  A trick to avoid either of these is by combining both.

Now let me give you a few ideas on how to achieve this the right way (I am using a traditional style as my example, but if you’re wanting to add warmth to a modern home just think the opposite of my example).

1) If your furniture lands far right on the traditional scale, try adding more modern / abstract pieces of art to mix it up.  This is a simple and interesting way to create a combo look.

2) Lighting in any space can make or break it, so try adding modern light fixtures to counter your traditional style.  This duo will really make a bold and beautiful statement.

3) Prints on textiles and wallpaper are a fantastic way to add contrast to your room.  Think adding geometric prints to a traditional space and maybe a traditional floral to a more modern home.

4) Pairing up modern and traditional pieces of furniture is another way to go when trying to create a combo look.  If you have a tufted sofa then try adding a contemporary coffee table and/or side chairs to the mix.

Hopefully these ideas can give you your start to creating a new feel to your space, but in the end it’s just important to understand that balance is the key when combining a traditional style with a modern one.  Too much of one thing is never a good thing.