Capitalize on Interior Designer’s Access to Leading Trends

One of the advantages of hiring a professional when designing an interior space is to capitalize on their access to industry leading trends. A new home or remodel is a substantial investment and striking a balance between current style and timeless beauty is a key component in ensuring your project retains its value. Recently Hixon Interiors Junior Designer, Sarah Vernon, attended Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). Not only are new trends introduced, but new products and best practices are showcased. Sarah shares with us several of the big take aways from the show, and how it’s being applied within interior design:

Intelligent Integration Brings Endless Customization

Technology’s influence continues to grow in all areas of our homes. From appliances that operate on voice command to toilets that play music, there is no limit to the level of technological integration. Utilizing technology to hone in on a home owners preferences and habits has some major advantages with an added “wow factor.”

Some examples include:

  • Preference recognition – kitchen stoves and microwaves can store recipes and assist with perfecting a favorite recipe through stored cook times and temperature control. This makes weeknight dinners a snap for those with a busy schedule.
  • The power of suggestion – wine lovers can now store their favorite wine and have the storage device make recommendations on new wines based on existing consumption habits. The new Plum Wine Dispenser is like having a virtual Sommelier that understands your distinct pallet right at your fingertips.
  • SmartHome technology – With the touch of a button of a Control4 Neeo remote (that says “good morning”) blinds can be opened, lights turned on, morning coffee started, and news turn on or delivered to a device. These customization’s can create an ambiance to reflect your desired mood anytime of the day.


Color has always been a key element in design and staying current with trends is one of the easiest ways to update a space. Neutrals, like shades of white and gray, continue to be big with the latest addition of matte black being the big trend setter. Too often people shy away from black out of fear of it making a space feel too small or closed in, but with the right hue and well thought out finishes a room can turn out brilliant when done in black.

Speaking of finishes lets talk metals. No longer do homes need to stick with one finish, say stainless steel or brushed brass. The hottest hardware trend is mixing metals, so pull out Grandmas candelabra without worrying if it is the same metal as your faucet. The new Sensate faucet from Kohler does the metal mixing for you and paves the way for a unique space.You now have full permission to mix and match!

Another area where color is king is appliances. They can be customized to any color of your choice. The pop of color can evoke positive memories and put a spring in your step as you go about your everyday life.


Incorporated Living Spaces

Integration continues to be a key design element. From kitchens that feel like living rooms, to mini fridges in the master suite, the traditional idea of living spaces has been redefined. Kitchens continue to be the focal point of a home as everyone tends to congregate where the actions happening, so why not make it more “livable?” Cabinets look more like a hand-crafted piece of furniture. Archways are coming back, bringing a warm and inviting vibe. Islands are no longer rectangular, but all shapes, bringing fluidity to the movement of kitchen traffic. This integrated space brings an added togetherness with families and friends while entertaining.

Master retreats that bring the feel of a spa home continues to be a big trend. Gourmet coffee bars that incorporate user preferences with technology are very hot. Also, mini fridges for wine, beauty products, and snacks are being built into closet designs. People really want to feel like they have a place to rejuvenate when they enter the private spaces of their home. These added appliances allow the commotion of the day to be delayed in the morning and tuned out in the evening, as the master suite embodies all the design and technology for rejuvenation. Read more about the details of the Monogram Kitchen booth designed by Richard Anuszkiewicz.

Final Thoughts…

Upon returning from the show Sarah is more passionate than ever about incorporating the latest trends in creating a dream space for her clients. “It’s a powerful feeling to know that old rules need not apply, and homeowners can design a space that is a true reflection of their individual preferences,” Sarah shares. “What’s even more exciting is technology can enhance a beautifully designed space while improving functional aspects of day to day life.”